Round 2 Reserves Match Report

OLD TRINITY:      3.7.25

OLD SCOTCH:      6.5.41

After a strong win against the reigning premiers Old Brighton the week before, the Old Scotch reserve side were excited to face some new opposition in Old Trinity. With injuries hurting the senior side, the club had some forced changes in all three sides. The twos welcomed Ned Hawkins, Jhdara Jones, Richie Goodey and Will Hamer for their first reserves game of the year.

We arrived at a windy and wet Camberwell Sports Ground, the type of conditions not conducive to free flowing football. But to get us into the mood, Nic Bennison channeled his inner Mr Miyagi as he quoted to the fellas “It’s ok to lose to opponent, but you must not lose to fear.” And then we were ready to play.

Captain Henry Dick won the toss and surprisingly kicked with the wind (go figure). The first quarter saw a rampant attack at the ball and player from the Scotch players and the scoreboard took care of itself. Tom Kerr opened the account for the Scotch boys with a long bomb from 50 that defied all Mother Nature threw at him. Justin NIkolovski also got on the end of great passage of high-pressure play from the reserves and we ended the quarter 22-1 ahead.

Against the wind in the second quarter, we would have been happy with a 0-0 quarter but credit to Sam Lynch and Sam Neil surging the ball forward we managed to kick the first goal of the quarter, a goal against the tide that really lifted the roof off McQueen Financial Group Stadium Park Arena. The Cards ended the half 28-9 up and with a big cloud hovering over the ground, we knew the rains were about to settle in. And settle in they did!

The reserves side poked their head out of the race ready for the second half, after heading back into the rooms to grab goggles, wetsuit, flippers and floaties (Thanks Will Carroll) we swam out onto the ground ready to crack in for another hour. Will Hamer was at the bottom of every pack trying with every effort to force the ball towards our goals. Henry Dick’s attack on the men in green was encouraging all day but he didn’t stop there, his attack on the men in white was also impressive as he bowled over Tony Furey, the stand in goal umpire. Old Scotch led at the final break 40-11.

With 25 minutes left off the game but kicking against the wind, the reserves side just needed to win the quarter. Nic Bennison lived by his words as he continually sacrificed his body and his clean cut looks at the bottom of the pack, even copping a nice shiner and a few stitches to sport around the town. Max Wills took out best afield honours in the win as he mopped up the play in the backline, his skills in the wet were something to behold.

The Old Scotch reserves side ended the match 41-25 victors in a truly impressive victory in trying conditions. With injuries to play another role this week, we look to more and more players getting opportunities in all grades, and that’s the strength of our club, lose a soldier, replace him with another.

Goal Kickers: J. Nikolovski, S. Lynch, S. Neil, A. Hummerston, T. Kerr, N. Bennison

Best Players: M. Wills, S. Lynch, S. Neil, H. Dick, N. Bennison, W. Hamer