Round 2 Thirds Match Report

OLD XAVS RED:    8.9.57

OLD SCOTCH:       8.5.53

In tribute to Gus McDonough.



Strikingly identical to Toadfish from Neighbours/ Sandy Cohen from the O.C.


Despite the pelting rain on Saturday morning, the Thirds came to their first home game enthused and ready to knock off last year’s finalist Old Xavier Red. Signs were pleasing to begin with Corey Mackenzie deciding to show up as well as transforming his dominance from last Friday night in the bullring to his on-field performance.

It was a slow start for the boys in the first quarter with Old Xavier kicking with the 100kph winds and taking the lead at the end of the 1st. However, the second quarter proved to be dominant for Scotch with Carl Burnett contesting strongly against a larger ruckman whilst his brother Tristian held the backline together smoothly.

Midfielders Filippou, Dennis, Slobom, Houghton and McIntosh were also able to nullify Xavier’s attack and as a result, Scotch were able to reduce the margin to four points going into halftime.

Chaz Houghton’s inspiring words to “go f****** hard at every contest” had the boys firing and ready to dominate. Unfortunately, Xavier were able to once again capitalise on their advantageous winds to drag the margin out to 13 points in the tough conditions.

At this stage, Scotch looked gone with the wind following the dramatic pour of heavy rain however the boys arm wrestled their way back in the final quarter.

Petit forward Gus McDonough was at his best, kicking one of the goals of the year from the boundary line despite having several opportunities to kick it to the top of the square.

Skipper John Stavris and big Ned Walmsley were also dominant in crashing packs at every forward entry.

In a quarter that appeared to be in Scotch’s favour, the boys were unfortunately unable to take the chocolates leaving Xavier a four-point victory.

It was a tremendous effort considering Xavier’s talent and the boys should take plenty of confidence away from a gruelling match.

Next Saturday afternoon the Cards will face Old Xavier Black at a high-profile timeslot.

I neknominante/ pass on the responsibilities to @JackMcIntosh for next week’s match report in the wake of him celebrating his one-year anniversary with his partner and yearlong service to the respected Welfare of Animals in Hunting Group.

Goal Kickers: H. Dennis 2, C. Houghton, J. McIntosh, B. Nicholls, N. Walmsley, J. Halse, A. McDonough

Best Players: D. McDermott, H. Dennis, C. Houghton, J. Slobom, N. Stavris, S. Filippou