Round 3 Thirds Match Report

OLD XAVS BLACK:    24.11.155

OLD SCOTCH:            9.9.63


After a narrow loss to the Under 23 Xavier side last week, the Thirds were eager to get the 4 points against the over 23 Xavier team.

The Thirds were amped to be playing in the prime-time slot, a credit to Crackers spending countless hours in the offseason following around VAFA representatives and lobbying the VAFA board that the 2 o’clock slot should go the team that puts ‘bums on seats’.

A balmy 23 degrees saw a few of the players such as Johnny McLennan slightly confused, asking, ‘where is the dew’, whilst others, such a Humby Dennis and Steven Philiipou took the conditions in their stride, choosing to apply special ointments (sunscreen and baby oil respectively). The scene was set.

The boys started strongly, peppering the goals with shots, but Scotch was ultimately wasteful with these chances, giving Xavier a narrow advantage into quarter time.

The 2nd quarter saw the intensity of the game go up another level as both sides jostled for the upper hand. Hermann continued to contest strongly in the ruck and Shrimpton provided much needed rebound from half back as Xavier increased the pressure. The loss of Stavris tested the team, but the boys rallied to close out half time a couple of goals down.

McDonough set the field alight in the third, proving to all the naysayers that his bladder (after 4 years recuperating in a rehabilitation facility in Brunswick North) is back to its best. McDermott also showed his footy smarts, telling a few of the boys who were annoyed that the grippo had run out to rub their hands through his hair to get gel on them as this would ‘basically do the same thing’. However, this wasn’t enough to stop Xavier as they piled on a number of unanswered goals and extended their lead.

To the boy’s credit, Scotch rallied late, however, this was a case of too little late as Xavier ran away winners.

Next week the boys play OMs, and are ready to bounce back.

Match report duties go to John Stavris, provided he can find the time to write one in amongst telling the Stars players that he got stitches and might get a scar.

Goal Kickers: J. Gordon 5, C. Houghton, J. McGlashan, R. Macdougall, H. Dennis, S. Hatty, T. Beddison, J. Halse, A. McDonough, S. Filippou

Best Players: A. McDonough, D. Shrimpton, S. Hermann, J. McIntosh, S. Filippou