Round 4 U19s Reserves Match Report

DE LA SALLE:    8.12.60

OLD SCOTCH:   13.16.94

1st: We got of to go a good start. We did most to everything right but our goal kicking wasn’t our best. Scores where pretty well even at the end of the Q.

2nd: We had a very Big Q got a fair bit on the score board. Our attack on the ball was great most of Q and with boys giving all they can doing the hard Yards and that’s what gets the quick easy goals.

3rd: Boys went out there really fired up after Mick gave a half time rev up. And we really used that Q well. With the hard efforts.

4th: In the final quarter we pushed and extended our lead piling on the goals. Scotch’s ability to continue to run and get first hands on the footy was commendable. A great day for the U19 reserves to have Another cracking win, we are looking forward to a big game next week against St Bernards.

Goal Kickers: L. Le Deux 2, H. Moar 2, J. Molony, D. Cherian, W. Pascoe, S. Hooper, C. Francis, W. Nicholls, L. Padbury, A. Edgerton, E. Nguyen

Best Players: L. Miriklis, B. Arnold, A. Manson, H. Moar, C. Walters, M. Cheah