Round 4 Stars Match Report

BEAUMARIS:       1.3-9

OLD SCOTCH:    7.4-46

The Old Scotch Stars women's team sit pretty at 4. zip on top of the ladder having beaten Beaumaris in round 4 in a spirited game under lights at Beaumaris. The game followed Beaumaris's men's 1st game which meant a big crowd stayed around to watch the battle which Beaumaris had obviously G'eed themselves and their supports up to beat us based on some of the barracking and player aggression.

With our leadership team of Anna Hayes, Amy Arundel and Lily Goss smashing the opposition with brilliant marking and goal scoring OSFC Stars never looked like losing. Most pleasing for the coaching panel is the game plan and game style that has the girls playing proper football and not that horrible rugby scrum rubbish that many girls teams subscribe to. The outlet handball and run and carry was superb by our girls including Greta Larkey on a wing, Maxine (VAFA player of the week) Wells and goal sneak Alex Theodosi .The gutsy play of the day went to Jarman who despite a earlier very heavy collision with a torpedo at close range ran back into a pack to take a telling mark late in the match. Whilst the whole team played well special mentions go to Sophie Anghie, Lucy Morley, taped up like Selwood and Charlotte Serafini in the ruck

A tip for Clubs considering a refurb of their Club Rooms – Don't use Beaumaris as a blue print as they neglected to include any taps where you can fill up wattle bottles. Perhaps the architects responsible have never pulled on a boot. Not sure but a pity as the rooms otherwise were excellent.

Goal Kickers: L. Goss 3, E. Spicer, K. de Boer, A. Hayes, A. Arundel