Round 5 Reserves Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:     7.8-50

ST KEVINS OB:  6.11-47

After a tough week against Old Melbournians the week previously, a new, positively fuelled, reserves side was keen to make amends against Old St Kevin’s. We welcomed in Chuck Houghton for his first game in the 2s and we were excited to see what the fiery livewire could do in the forward line. Henry Dick brought the boys in pre game and with very few boys having played this team before, he was keen for us to assert ourselves on the game physically so they will always know that Old Scotch is a hard side to play against.

The St Kevins team, from first glance, was a team of large boys ready for a contest and from the first bounce that’s exactly what we confronted with. Sam Dawborn crashed in straight away and teaming up with Will Hamer in the middle they formed a formidable duo with the perfect combination of grunt and poise. Quarter time saw Old Scotch leading 19-16 and with some very nice passages of play, particularly the run from Richie Goodie up forward, we were confident at the break.

The second quarter swayed more the way of the St Kevin’s team and their 2 goals to 1 in the term flattered us. Ben Hays, Jules Beard and Jhdara Jones teamed up well in defense and their pressure and composure was vital in stemming the goals from the St Kevins team. Old Scotch trailed 28-27 at the main break.

The premiership quarter saw the Old Scotch reserves side play some of our best footy of the year and with Sam Neil winning the ball and Jack Slobom running it out of defense we started to put real scoreboard pressure on the opposition. Unfortunately a couple of late goals to St Kevins saw the lead reduce as we went into the last break up 46-38.

The last term was the proverbial arm wrestle with only one goal for both teams combined.

Sam Anderson produced some clutch marks in attack as he had done all day and Andre Hummerston led with authority. It was a credit to the entire team to remain composed and play out the game winning by 3 points. Jdara Jones last play of the game was pivotal as he won a one-on- one in the backline with 30 seconds to go and cleared the ball into the clear.

Sam Neil hit up a strong leading Sam Anderson who could easily have wound down the clock, unfortunately Sam thought we 3 points down and played on to get the ball forward, luckily the time ran out and the reserves were victorious 50-47.

A very important month approaching and one we are very equipped to tackle. See you there.

Goal Kickers: S. Anderson 2, A. Hummerston 2, A. Brooke 2, T. Holding
Best Players: B. Hays, J. Slobom, M. Wills, W. Hamer, E. Furey, S. Anderson