Round 5 Seniors Match Report

SKOBS:    13 . 15 . 93

OSFC:          9 . 6 . 60

The news wasn’t so good on the field, as the men’s first XVIII again worked hard for no result. SKOBs jumped us in the first quarter to lead by 22 points at the first change. Despite winning the second and third quarters, our opposition dominated the second half of the last quarter to win by 33 points, our heaviest defeat of the year and depositing us to the bottom of the table.

I have absolute faith and confidence that we have the calibre of people both on and off the field to make sure the important month ahead counts.

Goal Kickers: J. Daggian 2, M. Seed 2, J. Bull 2, H. Larwill 2, N. Jamieson
Best Players: J. Bull, N. Jamieson, L. Byrne-Jones, H. Larwill, G. van den Broek , C. O’Beirne