Round 5 Thirds Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:                16.16-112


Upon being woken up at cockrow, my daily habit of opening the BOM was a pleasant surprise to find that we’d be playing on a dry 20 degree day. I knew “at once” that we were so on.

Another surprise occurred once Jack ‘Norm’ Otter walked through the doors. Despite only attending a total of 15 minutes training since November we were still content with his presence. Daggian also being another huge return for the team.

With an unpredicted amount of space around the ground early we knew we’d have to be running hard. Although the scoreboard didn’t reflect, we were under the pump from the get-go with our defence saving a few promising skob attacks with the likes of Mcdermott and Dagg having mits as sticky as Carls hands during a night out at the Swan.

With our big hoks Lindy, Westy and Tristan leading the charge forward, Rob “Hank Mardukas” Macdougall was running a clinic dobbing a couple of quickies giving us a healthy start.

As the game progressed we begun developing a tasty lead. From a playing perspective the game still felt hot and by no means were any goals easy to come by, with every Scotch player executing their role and working hard. After ‘Hanks’ Oscar nomination “I can’t breathe” we lost some fire power up forward. This wasn’t a problem as we had Summertime Stavris step up with two straight.

About 70 up heading into the last we wanted to finish the game strong. Jack Mac with paddocks in front of him and Humby bulldozing a disarrayed SKOB outfit we were implementing all the fine skills we’ve been practicing in our confined training conditions.

What may have seemed like a short lull in the game was suddenly flipped with the Norm taking an ABSOLUTE SPECKY on our goal line!! The rockstar he is HATES a drop punt resulting in a quick play on to boo-nana 6 points in to the heart of SKOB.

Our inaugural edition of Pauls peculiar phenomenons has been sent in from an anonymous source with 3 different players scoring 3 goals and 3 behinds (Hank, Summertime and Norm).

A deserving victory for the thirds, reigniting the spark and showing signs of what’s to come.

Goal Kickers: J. Otter 3, C. Burnett 3, J. Stavris 3, N. Walmsley 2, H. Dennis 2, R. Macdougall 2, B. Nicholls
Best Players: J. McIntosh, S. Filippou, T. Lindholm, N. Stavris, B. Nicholls, S. Hatty