Round 5 U19s Reserves Match Report

ST BERNARDS:  3.7-25

OLD SCOTCH:    21.12-138

1st. We really went out their fired up after winning all 4 games straight. We really had a hard creaking. Scores where quite tight at 1q time with us in front by a goal.

2nd. We Really put a lot on the score board. Will Easton played really well that Q. Our midfielders had a huge Q always first to it witch helped a lot.

3rd. We were in it the whole Q. Our all everyone put in their hard work for the team. Big Q from roller who played a great Q and kick a few goals.

4th. Well the game was almost over but we still gave it a go. And we had a creaking win. Next we are up Against Beaumaris away at their ground. And we are looking forward to it.

Goal Kickers: L. Padbury 6, A. Roller 6, H. Moar 4, L. Le Deux 2, J. Beardsley 2, S. Hooper
Best Players: A. Lake, W. Easton, J. Beardsley, A. Roller, L. Padbury, L. Miriklis