Round 5 Stars Match Report

AJAX:       1.6-12

OLD SCOTCH:    8.13-61

The 9.40 am start on Mother’s Day was undoubtedly fairly ugly for a few of our girls, coming hot on the heels of a big player’s night out at seven night club. There were as few glassy eyes pre-game including Jarman who may just have slept with her contacts in.

After a seriously slow start the girls took command of the game eventually running out winners 8.13. 61 to 1 solitary goal 6 points.

When a few of the Ajax bigger units started to throw their weight around Jarman, Morley, Command and Anghie dished it straight back in spades. Good win girls.

Goal Kickers: Goss 2 Mastras 2 Larkey 1, Eckersley 1 Hayes 1, Thompson 1

Best Players: Morley, Eckersley, Goss, Command, Anghie, Joyce & Mastras