Round 6 Reserves Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:    8.7-55

ST KEVINS OB:  9.11-65

The old scotch reserve side came out to their fortress, McQueen group financial park on Saturday with the intention to continue their stronghold at the arena. 22 unbeaten matches for the reserves on the ground, a streak that I can only assume would be very rare across the entire VAFA. Henry Dick welcome 4 new under 19s to the team, eager to show the club the skills they possess.

Kicking against the wind in the first quarter saw old scotch behind the ball early on the game as uni blue piled on 4 opening term goals to Old Scotch’s 1. 29-7

The second term saw us with the breeze but unfortunately we expected Mother Nature to do most of the hard work. Instead uni blues kicked the next three goals of the match. Charlie Long tried tremendously hard in the middle, tackling ferociously and winning the ball. Play of the quarter went to Sam Neil kicking a Robbie gray-esque goal to keep the game alive. Fun fact, Sam actually beat Ollie wines in a junior BnF one year. Uni blues went into the main break 48-17 up.

The third quarter was more like the reserves of old as we began to show how well we could play, Sam Neil surged the hall forward to Sam Anderson all quarter who was marking everything in his vicinity. Can Melville and Angus Harlock got the game back withing reach. We trailed by 28 with the wind coming home in the last.

The start of the last quarter we finally started hitting the scoreboard with vigour, kicking 3 goals in 10 minutes and getting with 8 points. Unfortunately our first half let us down and we were too far behind to finish the game victorious. Tom Blenheim and Max wills were impressive all day in a tough fought loss.

We look forward to playing an unbeaten De La Salle this week. All the best

Goal Kickers: C. Long 2, W. Griffin 2, S. Neil 2, C. Melville, S. Dawborn
Best Players: C. Long, S. Anderson, C. Melville, A. Harlock, T. Blenheim, M. Wills