Round 6 Seniors Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:  10.15-75

UNI BLUES:   13.12-90

Old Scotch played Uni Blues at McQueen Park on Saturday.

Unfortunately, Old Scotch started very poorly in the first quarter and went into the opening break down by 34 points.

Old Scotch responded positively, significantly outscoring Uni in the remaining 3 quarters and put themselves in a winning position midway through the last, before falling short by 15 points.

While it is tempting to focus on the last moments of the game and look for missed opportunities, it was Scotch’s slow start to the game that ultimately cost them.

The Old Scotch First XVIII (10.15 – 75) were defeated by Uni Blues (13.12 – 90).

Goal Kickers: A. Jelbart 2, M. Martin 2, N. Jamieson 2, L. Hill, H. Larwill, B. Hays, J. Daggian

Best Players: L. Hill, G. van den Broek , N. Jamieson, D. Gilbert, M. Martin, J. Tilley