Round 6 Thirds Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:  12.16-88

UNI BLUES:      7.3-45

After being gifted more than a blade of grass to train on this week, player led sessions ensured we were getting the most out of training and the sight of Rob Macdougall attending a training session meant the boys were looking good heading into the game.

The weather forecast for severe wind and possibility of rain had our clean users of the pill and tall timber worried, lucky for us we found our own Stewy Dew with Hamish Dennis playing the best 5 minutes of his footy life, racking up north of 10 disposals and clearly excited to have something to talk about at Winter Wonderland.

Heading into quarter time Old Scotch was up by just 1 point and it was clear that the cards would need a strong quarter to extend this lead. Rob Macdougall thought that this was his time to shine, however after several shots from the exact same spot and Crackers letting him know that the right post was where he should be aiming, this wasn’t Rob’s time. Instead it was a miracle set shot from within the cricket nets by Mr Filippou who got the boys up and about.

The third quarter started with the Cards leading by 23 and Sam Herman had most of the team questioning whether he required a concussion test after tackling the opposition player who was mid-way through his run up. After surviving last week’s game without injuring himself Ed Randall seemed to have his kicking boots on today, kicking a freakish check side goal from the boundary which saw him celebrating as if he had already been awarded the Coates Hire goal of the year, not bad from you swoop.

Heading into the last with a 24 point lead meant the Jack Otter took it upon himself to now take mark of the year with a cheeky hanger beside the bench so all the boys could see it. Clearly this was Otter trying to add a little bit of something extra to his regular 3 bag game. It was great to see Nicholls play another solid game from half back, seemingly proving that Essendon supporters are good for something.

High praise has to be for the few Reserves players that came down this week to give us a hand, especially to Jack Slobom who was on the end of most of the hit outs, setting up the majority of our goals and becoming angered on the bench for a rotation when he was told he wasn’t allowed to run out the whole game in the midfield. Finally a thanks to the Burnetts for providing the team with some crispy Peronis for some well deserved frosties after a 43 point win.

Goal Kickers: J. Otter 3, R. Macdougall 3, S. Filippou 2, E. Randall, H. Dennis, J. Halse, S. West

Best Players: J. Slobom, R. Macdougall, H. Dennis, S. Filippou, J. Otter, B. Nicholls