Round 8 Seniors Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:         15.12-102

OLD XAVERIANS:   13.18-96

Old Scotch played Old Xavier at McQueen Park on Saturday the 26th May. Many anticipated the game to be hotly contested as both sides were struggling with the uncertainties of being in the bottom-third of the William Buck ladder. The game did not disappoint.

Inaccuracy and missed opportunities by Xavier left the door open for Scotch to capitalise on the quarter. The cardinals did exactly that, leading the way with 6.3 (39) to Xavier’s 2.8 (20). The quarter was Scotch’s best opening for their 2018 campaign as they looked poised and in control. Despite the early lead, the Cardinals’ pressure lacked in the second quarter, allowing Xavier to take the lead at the half time siren 6.12 (48) to Scotch’s 6.8 (44).

Whilst momentum had significantly shifted by the half time break, the Cardinals were ready for the second half after an inspiring address by the boss.

The Cardinals opened the second half in great fashion as they applied relentless pressure for 30 minutes. Jack Bull lead the way in the midfield as he won countless contested-balls. His ability, alongside the efforts of Andy Jelbart, saw the Cardinals win first-possession all around the ground where outlet campers such as Jamieson, Byrne-Jones, Hays, Clarke, O’Beirne and Hurley relished the service. Scotch kicked four goals to Xavier’s two, leading the game by 10 points as the 4th quarter approached.

Xavier hit the scoreboard within the first minute of the 4th quarter, closing their difference to just a four-point deficit. However, after inspiring efforts from the Cardinals’ backline, namely Matt Bennett and Alex Van Ryn, Scotch successfully eliminated any damage from the countless inside 50s by Xavier. An inspiring late goal by both Jack Bull as well as the half-ground duet from running Jono Daggian and Andy Jelbart, Scotch defeated Xavier by 6 points.

Goal Kickers: J. Sansom 3, J. Daggian 2, M. Seed 2, J. Halsall 2, D. Gilbert 2, S. Anderson, M. Martin, J. Clarke, J. Bull

Best Players: J. Bull, A. Jelbart, M. Bennett, N. Jamieson, A. van Ryn, C. Melville