Round 9 Reserves Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:   12.11-83

ST BEDES:         10.4-64

The Old Scotch reserves side overcame a relentless St Bede’s side to win its first game in the last month. The reserves were too good in the end for The Mentonians at Brindisi St Oval on Saturday. With club legend Max Davis running out for the 150th and second last time for the Cardinals, there was extra incentive for the boys to come out of the blocks strongly.

The first quarter saw the Cards attack the ball with venom as the two Sams, Neil and Dawborn, hit the St Bedes midfielders with great power and delivered the ball with poise. James Long caressed the ball with great skill that made the job of the forwards very easy. At quarter time we were 21-8 in the lead.

The visiting Scotch side worked hard to win more contests around the ground than the strong Bede’s midfield and also shaded them in the air as Sam Anderson and Nick Cox took countless contested marks. At half time, we had a 21- point lead.

The message at half time from Coach Murray Schhhhhhneider was to put our foot to the throat of the opposition and not relent. However this message fell on deaf ears as we allowed a few quick goals in a row at the start of the term. Max Davis and Henry Dick were faultless in the backline with pressures and smothers their currency for the day. We led by 10 points at the last break.

The last quarter began as an arm wrestle but soon we were able to shake the hold of the Saints and ‘shut the gate’. Nic Bennison was vital up forward, kicking 3 and forging synergies with the key forwards. Max Davis floated forward with 5 minutes to go and despite the efforts of the other forwards we were unable to get Maxy his milestone goal. Next week for sure.

Youngster Alex Brooke had his best game of thea year as he jumped all over the opposition ruckman and provide first use to the midfield.

We ended victorious 83-64 and with a well earned bye next we look to rebuild to launch at another finals assault in the back end of the year.

Goal Kickers: N. Cox 3, N. Bennison 3, T. Macmillan 2, E. Furey 2, C. Long, J. Long

Best Players: S. Anderson, N. Bennison, S. Dawborn, C. Long, S. Neil, A. Brooke (O/A U19)