Round 9 Stars Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:     10.14-74

OLD CAREY:         1.3-9

Old Scotch Stars proved to be too strong for Old Carey running out-winners 74 points to 9 points. Amy Arundel, within 4 goals, was a standout, and looks like a likely starter in the VAFA women’s representative team. Greta Larkey, on the wing, and Bek Command down back were amongst the best players for the Stars along with Charlette Serafini in the ruck and Alex Theodosia up forward. An Anna Hayes injury in the first quarter was the only downside to an otherwise good day out.

Goal Kickers: A. Arundel 4, S. Mastras 2, G. Larkey, A. Theodosi, L. Goss, L. Morley

Best Players: A. Arundel, L. Morley, G. Larkey, R. Comand, C. Serafini