Round 9 Thirds Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:     11.4-70

UNI BLACKS:       7.7-49

Hey boys, Strang here filling in for Rob “Hank Mardukas” MacDougall (Filippou, 2018). Look, I’ll keep it pretty short and succinct this week as honestly, the results really spoke for themselves. The boys came into the round absolutely parched and I’m talking dehydration from a couple of weeks without a single drop of that sweet victory sauce. It was clear that we needed some inspiration; and thus the following ‘Trident-Approach’ to attaining the win was conceived in the frosty white chambers of Crawford Oval.

The before-the-bounce speech from Humvee Dennis sent the players uncontrollable with raw motivation to prove themselves worthy of Coach’s EFFORT acronym. The first half casualties, Ned Walmsley & Charles Houghton posed significant concern for the forward line’s success, however dynamos J Otter and W Strange took the reigns with zeal.

The second half was an all cardinal affair with Sam Hermann finessing the ball at every opportunity to the likes of Charles Millar and Tristan Burnett. As club Veteran William Strange let loose from all points in the arc, the three pronged attack method was taken to all new heights as the players pushed to a 6 goal lead coming into the fourth term.

The Uni blacks came out of the huddle with, an albeit all-too-late, ferocity in final quarter closing the gap, however the indefatigable Scotch defensive skills held strong as the siren sounded with the boys ahead by 21 points.

The win was well received, as Coach Paul Gregor emphasised that the boys all embodied the E.F.F.O.R.T. values. I could go on about each and every player this week as everyone played their parts and stuck in their lanes when required. Yet at the same time I witnessed comfort zones being stretched and calculated risks being taken, to me this shows that we as a side are really coming together and I’m positive that this synergy will be taken into training sessions and onto the park after the break is over. Great stuff lads.

Goal Kickers: W. Strange 5, J. Otter 2, C. Houghton, J. McLellan, S. West, T. Anderson

Best Players: T. Burnett, W. Strange, S. Hermann (O/A U19), J. Otter, D. Shrimpton, S. Hatty