Round 10 Seniors Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:              14.17-101


The senior team faced Old melburnians for the second time this season, after losing the first encounter against OM’s, Old Scotch were up and about, ready to get redemption and in coach Bowers words ‘get our cup back!’.

The first quarter sore Scotch get out to a fast start and lead at the first break 5 goals to 2. With the second quarter commencing, scotch again continued their first quarter form kicking 3 to 1 to extend the lead out to 30 points at the main break. The boys were up and about running hard off the backline and entering our forwardline with entries that allowed our forwards to make the most of their opportunities.

With the second half commencing, the rain also came in patches for the third quarter but didn’t effect the game play at all. Head coach Dale Bower asked the players at the main break to not get complacent knowing that OM’s would come out with all they have. Yet Scotch allowed the opposition to boot 4 goals in the third quarter, which in turn brought them back into the game, meaning the last quarter would be one that would decide the fate of the match.

The last term brought out some brilliance by Conor O’beirne with the silky midfielder running through the stoppage in the forwardline, side stepping two opponents and snapping on his trusty left boot, watching it sail through the big sticks almost definitely sunk the hearts of the opposition. With this goal Scotch ran away to victory by 37 points!

This win was a good team win with good contributions from many including BOG Conor O’beirne, Harry Larwill kicking three goals and Nick Jamieson gathering 40+ possessions.

This week Scotch faces arch rivals Old Brighton back at the school, which continues to be a mouth watering clash!

Goal Kickers: H. Larwill 3, D. Gilbert 2, J. Sansom 2, J. Halsall 2, A. Franetic, M. Seed, M. Martin, J. Hurley, C. O”Beirne

Best Players: C. O”Beirne, N. Jamieson, H. Larwill, A. Jelbart, H. Hooper, J. Sansom