Round 10 Thirds Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:     7.11-53

SKOB GOLD:        8.9-57

After a well deserved rest coming off the bye weekend the 3s army faced the reigning premiers once again. But it had seemed that quite a few of the boys (including the goddamn physio) had allowed for an extra half an hour of sleep, limiting our preparation!! But as usual Paul had planned a way turn this around with an inspirational pre game speech which included the unveiling our new mascot ‘Mark’ (who is not a scout from the opposition for those concerned). And boy oh boy did it spark skipper for the day Hamish ‘Humvee’ Dennis, replacing Summertime Stavris (who was too busy counting bricks). Humvee then followed one of the all time great warm ups with a flawless pre game speech with the aid of a teleprompter.

Kicking with the wind in the first quarter we got of to a strong start but struggled to convert our opportunities (which could also be put down to Walmsley’s horrendous goal umpiring, give us a spell Ned!!!). This was turned around when Will Strange was presented with a gift in the goal square and then big Jeremy Gammon set sail from 45 with a mongrel helicopter floating sort of punt that somehow went through the big sticks. We headed into the quarter time break with a slender lead.

The first half of the second quarter turned out to be our downfall for the day. The SKOB midfield wrested the ascendancey back to their favour, which provided a mammoth task for John ‘Mr Peter Rowland’ Daggian, who’s opponent was 200 game hawthorn player Stephen ‘skinhead’ Gilham. To John’s credit he put in a lion hearted effort keeping him to only 3 snags and providing a rebounding option all day. Throwing Nick ‘mcgovern’ Stavris loose behind play was yet another genius coaching play by paul. Not only stemming their flow of momentum but allowing us to kick the final goal of the term, only going in 10 points down at half time. #BoltonOutGregorIn.

The match completely swung around in the 3rd. With our forwards intensity and work rate lifting. We were not letting any free ball out of the offensive half. Strange and Burnett were taking contested marks at will, while Macdougall and Stavris were suffering from some serious altitude sickness after some huge Jeremy Howe like speccys. The mids really got on top as well, led by the big boys Tommy Lindholm and Sam Hermann aswell as a new role adopted by Jack ‘showtime’ Otter who was putting the clamps on their star midfielder at the stoppages. This gave us the lead at 3QT and the confidence to close the game out.

The last was a tense seesawing battle with the entire backline of Westacott, Shrimpton, Stavris, Tyler, Daggian and Strangward shouldering a huge workload only for SKOB to dob a lucky goal from a stoppage to go 3 points up with 5 minutes left to play. Hatty, Otter and Humvee all stepped into hyperdrive and willed the ball into our foward line from each stoppage only for their boundary umpire to waste crucial time by forgetting how to throw the friggen ball in properly. Otter was then robbed of a real me me me opportunity to kick us into the lead after having his head ripped off in a tackle which somehow went unnoticed. In the dying moments there was a flashback to the 2005 grand final with the SKOB ruckman taking a real leo barry type mark to leave us hopelessly short of the mark.

Goal Kickers: W. Strange 3, J. Otter 2, J. Gammon, R. Macdougall

Best Players: D. Shrimpton, W. Strange, A. McDonough, T. Lindholm, S. Hatty, M. Tyler