Round 11 Thirds Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:     8.7-55

COLLEGIANS:     5.6-36

With a never before seen 7 games at Scotch College, it was up to the Thirds to start the day off with a win. The stage was set perfectly with the aroma of Big Jim Stavris’ “guy-ros” wafting all the way to Oakleigh. With both our skipper and back up skipper out, captaining duties fell to Matt ‘I’m leaving to play with my real mates’ Tyler for his last game with Old Scotch. As word broke out that this was in fact Roofs last game, the players knew we had to win it for him but we also knew it was going to be hard, as Collegians had bested us earlier in the year.

As a light rain started falling at the start of the first quarter, skills were a bit off early, however this didn’t seem to bother Sam “BOG” Hatty who was untouchable throughout the whole game, setting a standard for the rest of the players. With key forwards Will “Joan robbed me of a goal” Strange and Rob “one week in, one week out” MacDougall, Carl Burnett made the forward line his own, kicking a couple monster first half goals to keep us within striking distance.

Going into the half with the scores level, we knew we all had to lift a gear to get over the line. Enter Ed Russell who lifted everyone around him with a monster 30 touch quarter that undoubtedly kept us in the contest. The backline generals were solid as always, with Daggian, Hewson and Tyler using strong voice to control the game from the back. After kicking 99/100 boo-na-na’s at training on Thursday, Jack “Grill’d” Otter was set to kick another on the big stage. Wide open in the 50 and ignoring many clear open targets, Jack went for the miracle goal. However, he only managed to kick the ground and send the ball 2 meters. This was the low light of the game.

Heading into the last with the scores tied again we needed something miraculous, and it came in the form of a goal umpire. After a mad scramble in the box, Burnett managed to get boot to ball. After it ricocheted off about 10 different legs, the definitely not Old Scotch biased umpire called it a goal. VAR would’ve been proud. This gave us the narrow edge we needed to runaway with the game. The absolute cherry on top came when Tommy Hamilton found himself alone on the 50. After taking a strong clunk, he wheeled onto his right foot and hit Ned Walmsley with a pass so beautiful that I’m pretty sure I heard an angel weeping. This iced the game for us as we ran away 20 point winners!

Special thanks to Murray, Biggins, Martin and Green who came down to help fill numbers and were all influential.

Goal Kickers: J. Otter 3, C. Burnett 3, N. Walmsley, J. McLellan

Best Players: S. Hatty, M. Tyler, W. Hewson, J. Daggian, C. Houghton, E. Russell