Round 11 U19s Seniors Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:                               16.20-116


This last Saturday saw Old Scotch taking on Old Caulfield at Scotch College Meares Oval. Knowing that this was going to be an important game to stay firmly situated in the top two, the boys were very ready to go by the first bounce.

The first quarter saw Scotch earn the upper hand, controlling a lot of the play, although inaccurate kicking kept Caulfield in the game at the first break.

The Second quarter played out relatively smoothly for the boys, continuing to stretch the lead and break down the Caulfield side piece by piece. Determined to make this game into a big statement for the rest of the league, the boys decided to click into another gear in the second half piling on goal after goal and putting the game to sleep.

The forth and final quarter saw Scotch completely roll over the top of the Caulfield side with a convincing win, ready to recuperate throughout the and take on St Kevins next Saturday to hopefully make it five wins in a row.

Goal Kickers: F. Morrisby 3, T. Loveridge 3, W. Griffin 2, B. Quint 2, S. Townsend, H. Japp, J. Edwards, A. Capp, K. Forbes, L. Bangs
Best Players: H. Longbottom, L. Bangs, J. Broderick, J. Edwards, K. Forbes, T. Loveridge