Round 13 Reserves Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:  13.13-91

DE LA SALLE:   5.11-41

Two weeks had passed since the reserves poor display against a weakened Xavier line up and with a bye inbetween the boys were fresh to tackle a top 2 opponent in De la Salle at McQueen Financial Group Park. Captain Dick’s 3 non-negotiables were clear; pressure pressure pressure. We came out in the first quarter with a ferociousness that was unrivalled, a hunger that had not been displayed all year and pressure that forced the skilful De la Salle side to fumble, over possess and crumble. We were all over them, the tackling was elite and we ended up with 2 goals from direct stoppages, forced into by repeat efforts. The quarter time score read 16-9 but could easily have been 5 goals to one up in favour of Scotch.

The second quarter was more of the same as Angus Harlock, Sam Neil and Josh Gordon made it ugly in the middle, the scrambled the ball forward and our mosquito fleet of Bennison, Goodey and Nikolovski finished truly. Damien DiDonato was instrumental with ball in hand as he provided great run and carry and kicked a few goals himself. The haltime scoreline read 36-22 with the Scotch boys confident in their performance so far. Muz implored us to put our feet to the throatrs of the De la boys and press. And that’s what we did!

The third quarter was our best quarter of the year. The inside 50s were frequent and out confidence grew, we tackled more, we harassed and forced the game into our hands. We lead by 44 points at ¾ time. Tom Holding was fantastic in the ruck, providing first use to our mids.

The last quarter saw a quite even affair and we ended victorious 91-41 against the second team on the ladder. We have the skills to compete and if we come every week with the same endeavour we could do some serious damage. Let’s hope we haven’t left our run too late in the season.

Goal of the day was hard to judge as Nic Bennison pulled one out of his clacker from the boundary, a simple centre in-board would have sufficed but the degree of difficulty is what ‘The Daddy’ likes. Nikolovski, with pure finesse and a delicate touch, like a Japanese bartender crafting an ice sphere, caressed the ball through along the ground whilst pushed hard up against the boundary.

I’ll give them equal best goals of the day, purely because winning as a team is more important than individual glory.