Round 13 Seniors Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:  7.13-55

DE LA SALLE:   14.18-102

After Old Xavs ended Old Scotch’s winning streak last round, the Cards had two weeks to reassess and prepare for what was going to be a very important game in the scheme of things. Coming up against a similar placed team on the ladder in De La Salle and with numerous outs from the previous round due to injuries, the boys would need to bring everything they’ve got to match a quality side in De La. However it was soon to be seen that it was going to be a long day for the Cards, after a scrappy start, De La started to move the ball convincingly and with purpose, ending with three goals for the quarter whilst also keeping the Cards goalless.

Unfortunately the Cards couldn’t respond after the quarter time message from the coaches and the flood gates opened during the second and third quarters. De La moved the ball end to end with ease, piercing through Scotch’s press and thus making it very hard from the defenders. Despite the onslaught, defenders Alex Van Ryn and Tom Kerr fought valiantly to defend all high entries with distinctive spoils and intercepts. However the problems came when the ball hit the deck, with De La’s surging mentality resulting in numerous crumbed goals.

Lachie Byrne Jones was instrumental in launching the counter attacks for the Cards all game, out of the back half. And to Scotch’s credit, these counter attacks and ball movement in general improved in the fourth quarter, as they fought valiantly to not simply throw in the towel, resulting in a 5 goal to 2 quarter in favor of the home side. Debutants Hugh Longbottom, Tom Anderson and Will Hamer all showed promising signs for the future, in what was a tough first game in the cardinal, gold and blue.

The end score sore the Cards lose 14.18 102 to 7.13 55. Better players on the day were L Waddell, A Van Ryn, Tom Kerr, L Byrne Jones.

Goal Kickers: M. Martin 2, L. Waddell 2, C. Long, J. Hurley, L. Byrne-Jones

Best Players: L. Waddell, T. Kerr, N. Jamieson, L. Byrne-Jones, T. McKinley, W. Hamer