Round 13 Thirds Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:                 8.8-56

OLD MELBURNIANS:     14.15-99

It was a sickening day at the the home fortress on Saturday. Coming off a forfeit win and a bye, the boys were stuck in Holliday mode and never really looked like getting back into gear. One man who did take his Holliday’s seriously was Georgy “Bachar Houli” he managed to defy all odds after taking his 2 weeks break to practice Ramadan fasting… The verdict was out pre game after telling the boys he hadn’t eaten for a week but boy oh boy did he prove us wrong with some Dustin Martin esq fend offs.

With Ned “Stuey Dew” Wamsley providing a great option up forward and Dom playing his clinical 40 touch game off half back, we stuck in the game. However we were no match to the Old Melbournians who obviously knew their judo better than us I like to keep things short, and quietly sinking many beers up in Sydney so I’d like to finish off by saying thanks to Joan and Paul for the great after game fruit juices.

Goal Kickers: A. Martin 2, J. Otter, N. Walmsley, S. Hatty, W. Hewson, S. West, A. McDonough

Best Players: S. West, D. Shrimpton, A. Martin, C. Houghton, M. Foskey, J. Murray (O/A U19)