Round 15 Thirds Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:      7.7-49

UNI BLACKS:    9.15-69

It was a surprisingly warm morning as the Old Scotch Thirds team arrived at the ground. However, once we arrived straight away something was wrong, something was missing… Glash.

That’s right, our little Bambie (who’s often 15 minutes early) hadn’t arrived. Theories of his whereabouts were coming from all over the place. Its fair to say this shook the team, as we didn’t know how we could go on without him. After warm up though, we heard tyres screeching and car doors slamming before muffled footsteps running into the change rooms. I thought to myself “could really it be?” McGlashan emerged from the door and hope returned to all our hearts.

As the game started, we could see Uni were strong through the midfield, which was no doubt made easier by the fact they had a 7ft tree as a ruckman. However, they weren’t able to convert their chances for two reasons: 1st clearly goal kicking isn’t a course taught at the University of Melbourne, 2nd the incredibly strong hands of Nick Stavris. After two quick fire goals from the boys in red, we ended the quarter on top 12 to 9.

Second quarter was stronger from the boys. Jack Otter has been signed by Juventus alongside Cristiano Ronaldo for $108 million after kicking a ball through the pack to seal his second goal of the game. Alex Brookes fresh off the plane from Europe and eager to remind Muzz of his existence made a great contest in the ruck, and managed to kick himself a quiet snag. What’s more, Nick (the beacon of Gondor) Biggins was keen to show he had some form as well. The quarter ended and we were still up, only by a point, 37-36.

Come the third quarter, and the boys from both teams were still trying to get their groove back after the infamous half time break. Without our half time poem from George we couldn’t seem to convert, in fact neither teams conversions were great in the third quarter, with Old Scotch kicking a disappointing 3 points to Uni’s 6 points.

By the fourth quarter, we had an onslaught of balls coming into our defence, resulting in a 4 goals to 1 final term. Unfortunately the boys couldn’t get the job done on the day. Looking back on it now I think if Glash hadn’t turned up three minutes before the bounce, our morals would have been higher.

Goals: J. Otter 2, N. Biggins, A. Brooke (O/A U19), A. McDonough, S. Filippou, R. Macdougall

Best: N. Stavris, R. Macdougall, E. Russell, D. Shrimpton, J. Otter, A. McDonough