Round 17 Reserves Match Report

OLD SCOTCH:                    8.9-57

ST BEDES / MENTONE:  12.3-75

The reserves rocked up to Camberwell Sports Ground for their last game of the year and with finals off the ‘cards’ it was a good old fashioned dead rubber. We welcomed a few boys in to the game like Jeremy ‘Back’Gammon and George Bailey which gave the boys a bit of a fresh feel. Unfortunately pre-game we were struck with a few late outs with Cal McDonough being promoted to the ones and Charlie Miller with a sore leg. 1 minute into the game Nic Cox also went down with a hamstring and we were down to 19 for the game, not ideal. But the boys didn’t let it deter them with each player keen for the contest.

It was a scrappy affair in wet conditions. St Bede’s got off to a fine start, kicking the first 4 goals of the game. Tom Holding dominated his opponent ruckman all game and Dom McDermott rebounded superbly. Charlie Long and Just Nikolovski were bulls at a gate all game and crashed their way through the contests. Josh Gordon and Bails were very impressive with Bailey playing beyond his years in a game that will ignite a long and successful Cardinal career.

A disappointing result for the cardinals as our lack of numbers on the bench and majority playing 100% game time coming back to bite us. One more game of the year against the in-form uni blues side this week, it will be our last chance before a well-deserved off season. Looking forward to a string night of training and a big showing to support the club at University oval this week.

Goals: T. Anderson 2, C. Long, J. Nikolovski, J. Gordon, N. Bennison, E. Furey, H. Dick

Best: D. McDermott, T. Holding, C. Long, J. Nikolovski, J. Gordon, A. Bailey (O/A U19)