Jack Bull wins third McGregor Medal

Men’s 1st XVIII Captain Jack Bull stormed home to win his third McGregor medal on Thursday evening at the Club’s annual Presentation Night.

Approximately 150 people were at the Cardinal Pavilion at Scotch to celebrate the achievements of the club’s seven teams in season 2018, and how fitting it was that Leigh McGregor and his family were in attendance to present the award named in his family’s honour.

Club legend Rick ‘Cowboy’ Western was honoured on the night for his long standing service to the club. This season, Rick oversaw the team management of our Men’s Under 19 program; no small feat as we fielded three teams most week. Cowboy just gets on with things in his quiet, understated way and he really is what the club is all about.

Joan De Vond was recognized for her tireless efforts overseeing our registrations and team managing the Men’s 3rd XVIII when she was awarded the Bill Pearson Most Valuable Person award. In all respects Joan is a MVP; she is hard working and reliable and absolutely committed to the welfare of everyone associated with the club. She has a huge heart and is a most fitting recipient of this award. Barbara Holder added to the night by presenting Joan with a top shelf bottle of bubbles!

The first awards presented on the night were the awards for the Old Scotch Stars. Lily Goss capped an outstanding year by claiming the inaugural best and fairest award, polling 69 votes to pip Lucy Morley on 67 votes.

Jack Bull’s Hong Kong Bucks extravaganza threw a small spanner in the works for the organisers, but the Men’s 1st XVIII were next presented, allowing Jack time to be rushed off to the airport to make his flight with father Steve carrying his bags. This award capped another outstanding year at the club for Jack. I believe he is one of the greatest players to have represented the club and the way he conducts himself on and off the field is a great exemplar for all. Nick Jamieson was a most worthy runner up, particularly when you consider how much football he missed with his injured knee.

The Men’s 2nd and 3rd XVIII Best and Fairest awards were won by Charlie Long and Jack Otter respectively.

Peter Georgiadis won the Men’s Under 19 3rd XVIII best and fairest award and Luke Nicholls won the Men’s Under 19 2nd XVIII best and fairest award after having outstanding seasons. It was also wonderful to see Austin Harding recognised for his three year commitment to our men’s Under 19 program with the 2018 best and fairest award; a terrific achievement in such a strong field from the skipper.

A full overview of all awards presented on the night can be seen below.


Old Scotch Stars

Coaches Award

Charlotte Serafini

Most Improved Player Award

Jess Thompson

Best Player in Finals Award

Amy Arundel

2018 Stars Best and Fairest Award

69 – Lily Goss

67 – Lucy Morley

54 – Anna Hayes

54 – Greta Larkey

54 – Maxine Wells

51 – Charlotte Serafini

43 – Amy Arundel

36 – Chloe Eckersley

32 – Ingrid Howren

31 – Rebekah Comand


Men’s 1st XVIII awards

Coaches Award

Jack Hurley

Ian McKinley Wilson Encouragement Award

Sam Lynch

Manson Russel Most Sacrificial Acts Award

Alex van Ryn

Ewen Davidson Team Player of the Year Award

Tom Kerr

Men’s 1st XVIII McGregor Best and Fairest Award

96 – Jack Bull

72 – Nick Jamieson

50 – James Sansom

34 – Gene van den Broek

25 – Alex van Ryn

24 – Lachie Byrne-Jones

24 – Lachie Hill

22 – Andrew Jelbart

21 – Tom Kerr

20 – Lachie Waddell

20 – Harry Larwill


Men’s 2nd XVIII awards

Coaches Award

Angus Harlock

Most Improved Player

Dom McDermott

Men’s 2nd XVIII Best and Fairest Award

36 – Charles Long

26 – Sam Neil

21 – Angus Harlock

15 – Sam Anderson

14 – Will Hamer

13 – Jack Slobom

13 – Henry Dick

12 – Dom McDermott

12 – Max Wills

11 – Sam Lynch


Men’s 3rd XVIII awards

Coaches Award

Jeremy Gammon

Most Improved

Tom Lindholm

Men’s 3rd XVIII Best and Fairest Award

26 – Jack Otter

19 – Jack McIntosh

16 – Tom Lindholm

15 – Nick Stavris

14 – Hamish Dennis

14 – Sam Hatty

12 – Dom Shrimpton

12 – Will Strange

10 – Steve Fillipou

10 – Ben Nicholls

10 – Rob McDougall


Men’s Under 19 1st XVIII

Coaches Award

James Broderick

Gus Taylor Most Promising Player Award

Charlie Cormack

Men’s Under 19 1st XVIII Best and Fairest Award

36 – Austin Harding

28 – Lachie Bangs

27 – Josh Edwards

26 – Will Griffin

23 – Sam Townsend

20 – Hugh Longbottom

14 – Fred Osborne

13 – Noah Croes

10 – James Broderick

10 – Charlie Shaw

10 – Charlie Cormack


Men’s Under 19 2nd XVIII

Coaches Award

John Molony

Best Player in Finals

James Tarrant

Men’s Under 19 2nd XVIII Best and Fairest Award

35 – Luke Nicholls

31 – James Tarrant

28 – Angus Manson

21 – Lawrence Mirikilis

16 – Matt Cheah

16 – Callum Walters

12 – James Broderick

11 – Will Easton

10 – Nat Kirchhofer

9 – Harry Slobom


Men’s Under 19 3rd XVIII

Coaches Award

Denzel Cherian

Under 19 3rd XVIII Runner up Best and Fairest Award

Alastair Bailey

Under 19 3rd XVIII Best and Fairest Award

Peter Georgiadis


Player milestones

100 Games

Lachie Hill

Tom Holding

Andrew Jelbart

Conor O’Beirne

James Sansom

Max Wills

Gene van den Broek


150 Games

Max Davis

Henry Dick