Round 5 Thirds Match Report 2019

OLD SCOTCH:          8.8-56

OLD XAVERIANS:    6.12-48

After 15 years and 170 games of football for the club, cult hero John Daggian decided this weekend would be his final game. Daggs has been an integral part of this club for many years and had just one request for the boys on the weekend. Beat Xavier, a feat he was yet to experience in his many years in an Old Scotch jumper.

The game started and continued to be a hotly constant battle, never the easy beats, Xavier toiled away hard at the new look Thirds line-up whose backline withstood entry after entry in the first half, seemingly just hanging on.

Despite the pressure at the other end, the boys were able to capitalise when they could in the half, to be down by a mere 5 points at the main break.

After a stirring rev up about the importance of the game to John Daggian, the boys entered the second half with the confidence that they could overcome Xavs and secure a famous victory.

The final half played out in a seesawing affair, with ball up after ball up seeing the life drained out of players. Ultimately, we were able to kick away with 5 goals to 2 to record a famous 9 point victory, the first against Xavier in many years.

Goals: S. Filippou 2, J. Stavris 2, J. Otter 2, W. Stewart, S. Greenhough

Best: C. Dixon, S. Filippou, T. Murchie, A. Townsend, J. Beard, J. McIntosh