Old Scotch Footballers Training with VAFA Squad

LACES OUT: Senior Men’s Vice Captain Andrew Jelbart could soon wear the Big V jumper.

Old Scotch Football Club players have been selected in the Victorian Amateur Football Association representative training squad for the match against Perth Football League (formerly WAAFL) in Western Australia next month.

Charlie Cormack, Jack Hurley (injured), Andrew Jelbart, Lachlan Byrne-Jones and James Sansom have been invited to train and compete for a starting position. The Premier B – Division Four squad is represented by 39 clubs in the initial 73-man roster.

Head coach, Dave Murray, said the initial squad is an “outstanding representation of the talent flowing through the entire VAFA community”.

“The honour and privilege of wearing the Big V is not limited to just our Premier sections and we are ecstatic to name 23 players from our Divisions in this initial squad,” Murray said.

“All clubs were asked to nominate players and we had a great response so we thank the clubs who made the effort to submit their nomination forms.”

The Premier B – Division Four side snapped a 12-year losing streak when they defeated an Under-23 WAAFL team by 16 points at Trevor Barker Oval last year but will face a superior opposition in this campaign with Perth Football League set to open selection to their entire playing community.

It has been the perfect start to the 2019 representative campaign after both the Under-19 and Womens’ teams registered wins over AFL Victoria Country and AFL Goldfields on Saturday.

The VAFA Premier B – Division Four side will face Perth Football League at Fremantle Oval on July 6 before the senior men’s take on AFL Victoria Country at Princes Park on 13 July.

First Name Surname Club Section
Christopher Grigoriadis Beaumaris Premier B
William Barker Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
Will Edwards Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
Tate Short Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
Theo Thompson Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
Jack Wallace Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
Max Ellis Fitzroy Premier B
Nathan Jumea Fitzroy Premier B
Julian Turner Fitzroy Premier B
Ben Hart Monash Blues Premier B
Mitch King Monash Blues Premier B
Scott Dixon Old Geelong Premier B
John Simson Old Geelong Premier B
Callum Wood Old Geelong Premier B
James Paul Old Haileybury Premier B
Brodie Steele Old Haileybury Premier B
Lachlan Treverton Old Haileybury Premier B
Lachlan Byrne-Jones Old Scotch Premier B
Charlie Cormack Old Scotch Premier B
Jack Hurley Old Scotch Premier B
Andrew Jelbart Old Scotch Premier B
James Sansom Old Scotch Premier B
Charlie Dillon Parkdale Vultures Premier B
Josh Cowan St Bede’s / Mentone Tigers Premier B
Chris Mangoni St Bede’s / Mentone Tigers Premier B
Hugh Curnow Uni Blacks Premier B
Jordan Quaile Uni Blacks Premier B
Joshua Steadman Uni Blacks Premier B
Louis Vescio Uni Blacks Premier B
Nicholas Lewis AJAX Premier C
Sam Bradford Hampton Rovers Premier C
Ryan Fogarty Hampton Rovers Premier C
Patrick Howe Marcellin Premier C
Andrew Kay Marcellin Premier C
Joshua Muling Mazenod Premier C
Augustine Patti Mazenod Premier C
Thomas Warby Mazenod Premier C
Simon Bennett Old Camberwell Premier C
Oscar McIntyre Old Ivanhoe Premier C
Nicholas Reeves-Smyth Old Ivanhoe Premier C
Samuel D’Andrea Old Mentonians Premier C
Simon Buckley Ormond Premier C
Thomas Buckley Ormond Premier C
Dae Szydlik Ormond Premier C
Max Philpot PEGS Premier C
Adrian Romanyk PEGS Premier C
Jack Connelly Williamstown CYMS Premier C
Kallan Dawson Williamstown CYMS Premier C
Yuma Hempell Williamstown CYMS Premier C
Dylan Jones Williamstown CYMS Premier C
Jack Delbridge Kew Division 1
Aaron Cloke Oakleigh Division 1
Samuel Glenn Penisula OB Division 1
Wiiliam Harbinson Penisula OB Division 1
James Musster Prahran Assumption Division 1
Callum Wilson Prahran Assumption Division 1
Sean Calcedo Preston Bullants Division 1
Dean Calcedo Preston Bullants Division 1
Manny Dolan St Mary’s Salesian Division 1
Brock Egglestone Therry Penola Division 1
Cam Perkins West Brunswick Division 1
Jack Cowell Bulleen-Templestowe Division 2
Wesley Mayne Ivanhoe Division 2
Brad Jordan MHSOB Division 2
Kristian Height Whitefriars Division 2
Angus Hands Whitefriars Division 2
Samuel Kieseker Whitefriars Division 2
Joshua Barker Yarra Old Grammarians Division 2
Lachlan Barnes Aquinas Division 3
Joshua Robertson Aquinas Division 3
Kane Maghamez Manningham Cobras Division 3
Tyson Cattle Albert Park Division 4
Marcus Baxter Elly Park Sharks Division 4
Julian Yeatman Elsternwick Division 4
Matthew Ogle La Trobe University Division 4
Harrison Coe St Francis Xavier Division 4