Six Old Scotch Players Make VAFA Squad

KICKING GOALS: Andrew Jelbart has been included in the VAFA Leadership Group.

Six Old Scotch players feature in the final Victorian Amateur Football Association Premier B – Division 4 representative side that will encounter Perth Football League this weekend.

Andrew Jelbart (Leadership Group), James Sansom, Tom Kerr, Charlie Cormack, Will Mitchell and Lachlan Byrne-Jones have all been awarded Big V jumpers.

Old Scotch boast the highest number of representatives with six.

Only Lachlan Byrne-Jones (Old Scotch), Josh Cowan (SBMT) and Tate Short (Caulfield) have previously represented the VAFA in the under-23 and under-19 sides.

The team will face the Perth FL on Saturday and the game will be live streamed for VAFA supporters.

Josh Steadman (c) Univeristy Blacks Premier B
Nick Lewis Ajax Premier C
Jack Wallace Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
Nick Baltas Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
Will Edwards (vc) Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
Tate Short Caulfield Grammarians Premier B
Nathan Jumeau Fitzroy Premier B
Jack Delbridge Kew Division 1
Thomas Warby Mazenod Premier C
Jono Simpson Old Geelong Premier B
Lachlan Treverton Old Haileybury Premier B
Lachlan Byrne-Jones Old Scotch Premier B
Will Mitchell Old Scotch Premier B
Charlie Cormack Old Scotch Premier B
Tom Kerr Old Scotch Premier B
James Sansom Old Scotch Premier B
Andrew Jelbart Old Scotch Premier B
Will Harbinson Peninsula OB Division 1
Josh Cowan SBMT Premier B
Louis Vescio University Blacks Premier B
Kristian Height Whitefriars Division 2
Luke Barker (vc) Yarra Old Grammarians Division 2