To all participating Coaches, Team and Members of Old Scotch Football Club,

The following information is designed to give you an overview of the current levels of Insurance provided to you as a member of the Old Scotch Football Club.

Those insured are all Victorian Amateur Football Association affiliated clubs, Members, Officials, Volunteers & Coaches. All participating members of the Clubs and League, Umpires if not insured by Workers Compensation, Coaches and Team

The current levels of Insurance are as follows:

1) CERTIFICATE No. VAFA201617 through Sportscover Australia Pty Ltd for period 01/03/16 to 01/03/17.

  • Cover: Public Liability: $20,000,000 any one occurrence
  • Products Liability: $20,000,000 any one occurrence and in the aggregate
  • Professional Indemnity: $10,000,000 any one claim and in the aggregate
  • Management Liability: $10,000,000 and one claim and in the aggregate. (For the Business of

Australian Rules Football as more clearly defined in the Policy Wording.)

  • Paraplegia, Quadriplegia $1,000,000 (all age groups)
  • Death $100,000 (Death limited to 20% for persons U18)
  • Loss of Income $ Not Insured

2) OSFC has taken out the following top up insurance for Non-Medicare Medical Expenses. (PMEL 99/0100468 through BJS Insurance Brokers Pty LTD).

Cover Level 1 – $3,000 Maximum sum insured any one claim. The percentage of Medical Expenses covered under this section is 75%

The percentage of physiotherapy expenses covered under this Section is:

  • Visits 1-5 95%
  • Visits 6 – 10 80%
  • All other visits 75%

Medical Insurance excess is $50 Including;

  • Physiotherapy
  • Private hospital accommodation
  • MRI costs (that do not have a Medicare rebate applied)
  • Ambulance Transports Costs
  • Dental Services (to whole teeth only)
  • Chiropractic
  • Theatre Fees in Private Hospital where Medicare does not apply
  • Ancillary Medical Procedures
  • Orthotics, Splints Prosthesis where an Insured Person’s Medical Practitioner considers them medically necessary for the treatment of the Bodily Injury

“It is crucial that you assess your individual circumstances and secure the appropriate level of top-up insurance. In particular consider the need for Loss of Income and Non-Medicare medical cover Insurance.”

It is crucial that all claims are made within 45 days of the injury occurring. To lodge a claim please contact Sportscover via their website or phone them on 1300 134 956.

“It is also HIGHLY recommended that you take out both Private Health Insurance and Ambulance Cover.”

If you have further questions in relation to this, please review the VAFA website through the following link: http://www.vafainsurance.com.au/ or by contacting BJS Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd – on 03-9860 4225 or vafa@bjsib.com.au

Or, if you would like independent advice re topping up cover it is a simple exercise and can take place with our club sponsor MCP Group (contact Paul Evans on 03-9620 2001).


  • Its highly recommended that ALL players check whether they have current ambulance cover – trainers won’t hesitate to call an ambulance if they think its required and the player will get a bill of approx.. $1000 if they are not covered
  • Can all players also ensure they have hospital based extra’s cover to ensure they can be seen by good surgeons if there is a need for this (rather than go on very long public hospital waiting lists for unknown surgeons)
  • The Malvern Physio Clinic also offers reduced rates for physio’s experienced in sports injuries for all paid up players with OSFC and club volunteers. Mark and Pete are the physio’s looking after the program this year but Hayley, Cara, Jacinta & Keith all have excellent experience and skills at assessing and treating injuries – contact clinic with enquiries 9078 8434 or www.malvernphysio.com.au