To all new players, OSFC is not only a proud club on-field, but we are a very proud club off field. We are known for being at the top of the VAFA for decades and our social side of the club allows players access to great functions and a gathering place for all. All events are open to playing members and a lot of the time these will also be open to your friends. As a valued member of our playing group, you are the core of what everything runs for, but that doesn’t mean that everything is run by others for you. The club is funded by its players, members and sponsors and is run by volunteers. Thus, it is integral that you treat the clubrooms, the events and all stakeholders of the club as if they are your family as you are now a part of theirs.

The rooms are expected to be tidied after every training, game day and social function. We do have regular cleaners that come in, but as you would at your own house please do all you can to keep the place as tidy as possible. Many hands make light work.

There is a Gym that has been provided to you by the past players of the football club. This gym can be accessed by any current playing member of the club and the code will be provided to you via the admins of our social group, leaders of the club or members of the committee. If you use weights, please put them back on the rack once used.

Every player pays Subs to play at the football club and that entitles you to all the great facilities that we have at our disposal. It also includes a meal every Thursday night for those who train. Please be aware that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to keep this great club alive and many people doing too much work without much help. If you ever feel that you can help out with little things or want to jump on and help more, the club, players and committee will be much appreciative.

We are always looking for volunteers so encourage your parents, family and friends to become involved.

If everyone did this, the club would run more smoothly, and all players will experience the best possible club we can be.

We love Old Scotch and we know you will too.