The Old Scotch Football Club annual night of nights went off with great success last Friday night. Over 250 guests attended what was a very well organised and entertaining night. Those who were unable to attend watched it live via, another great club initiative. All 2022 awards below:

Club Awards

Life Member 2021: Campbell Neal
Life Member 2022: Sandra Dick
Bryan Gibbs Perpetual Award Outstanding Volunteer Service: Ian Hill
John Anderson Medal – Outstanding Service Player Award:
2022 Inaugural Winner – Andrew Jelbart


Team Awards

Men’s 1st XVIII
100 Games: Ben Hays
150 Games: Andrew Jelbart
Perpetual Trophy – Ewen Davidson Team Player Of The Year Award: Andrew Jelbart
Perpetual Trophy – Manson Russel Most Sacrificial Acts Award: Brodie Easton
Perpetual Trophy – Ian Mckinley Wilson Encouragement Award: Cooper Harvey
Coaches’ Award: Andrew Jelbart
3rd Best & Fairest: Ben Hays
2nd Best & Fairest: Arion Richter-Salter
Perpetual Trophy – Mcgregor 1st Best & Fairest Award: Tyler Sellers

Men’s 2nd XVIII
100 Games: Cameron Melville
150 Games: Matt Seed & Ed Furey
200 Games: Henry Dick
Best Finals Player Award: Sam Dawborn & James Tarrant
Coaches’ Award: Rhys Haslam
3rd Best & Fairest: Matthew Hucul
2nd Best & Fairest: Cameron Melville
1st Best & Fairest & Framed Jumper Presentation: Henry Dick

Men’s 3rd XVIII
100 Games: Jack McIntosh
Best Finals Player Award: James Broderick
Coaches’ Award: Will Michael
3rd Best & Fairest: Nick Stockdale
2nd Best & Fairest: John Stavris
1st Best & Fairest: Alex Townsend

Women’s 1st XVIII
50 Games: Sophie Anghie, Lucy Morley, Alex Theodosi
Perpetual Trophy – Encouragement Award: Emily Tassiopoulos
Best Finals Player Award: Mia Caffry
Coaches’ Award: Katie Hunter-Scott
Equal 2nd Best & Fairest: Lucy Morley
Equal 2nd Best & Fairest: Mia Caffry
Perpetual Trophy – 1st Best & Fairest: Amy Arundel

Women’s 2nd XVIII
Coaches’ Award Erin Arundel
3rd Best & Fairest: Stephanie Hayes
2nd Best & Fairest: Adelaide Wong
1st Best & Fairest: Brooklyn Giacometti

Men’s Under 23
Coaches’ Award : Austin Nguyen
3rd Best & Fairest: Justin Baumgarten
2nd Best & Fairest: Angus Manson
1st Best & Fairest: Lachlan McAndrew

Men’s Under 19 Premier
Gus Taylor – Most Promising Player Award: Angus Jones
Perpetual Trophy – Bill Pearson Highest Club Goalkicker Award: Angus Jones
Best Finals Player Award: Charlie Phillips
Coaches’ Award: James Braddy
3rd Best & Fairest: Rye Spark
2nd Best & Fairest: Hugo Boreham
Perpetual Trophy – 1st Best & Fairest: Hamish Wild

Men’s Under 19 (2)
Coaches’ Award: Nick Flower
3rd Best & Fairest: Will McCredie
2nd Best & Fairest: Toby Kanat
Perpetual Trophy – 1st Best & Fairest: Sam Meyrick


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