The Old Scotch Football Club Foundation has been established to position the club best to deliver sustained success on and off the field.

Since 1921 the club has always honoured and respected the Australian game that Scotch was so instrumental in founding. Our commitment to the ideals of being good at sport and being a good sport are as strong today as they were back then. While our premiership players might be ‘shorter in wind as in memory long’, the club is as committed to on field success today as it has always been.

The Old Scotch Football Club aims to create an endowed fund ($1M) that will provide a reliable and growing income stream. To achieve this aim, the club is seeking 100 Foundation members who, by the club’s centenary year in 2021, will commit to a five-year tax deductible OSFC Foundation membership pledge at any of the following levels:
















Donations will be recognised by category on a permanent official OSFC Foundation Membership Board in the clubrooms and with an OSFC Foundation membership certificate.

In the short term, funds raised by the Foundation will be used to assist with the operating costs associated with running the club. The introduction of paid staff has been necessary to ensure the club is best meeting and serving the needs of our members. The costs of running a quality coaching program have risen significantly in recent years, as have costs associated with compliance, insurance, ground hire and administration.


  • To assist the club achieve it’s on and off field goals.
  • To assist fund club staffing costs.
  • To provide a reliable and growing income stream for the club.
  • To be a lasting centenary year legacy for future generations.
  • To future-proof the club.

Your support of the OSFC Foundation can be made via the Australian Sports Foundation and donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

The Australian Sports Foundation was established by the Federal Government in 1986 to help raise money for the development of sport in Australia and since then has helped raised over $400 million for thousands of clubs and athletes to fund their sporting projects and needs. For more information about the Australian Sports Foundation, please visit www.asf.org.au

Establishing the Old Scotch Football Club Foundation will enable us to build on our rich traditions and give the club the best possible chance of success in its next 100 years. We encourage you to participate, and invest in your club so it can achieve all it possibly can for the benefit of the players of today and those of the future. The OSFC Foundation will be a significant way for donors to establish a reliable, growing income stream for the club, as well as a continuing legacy of the club’s 100th birthday.

To request a copy of the Old Scotch Football Club Foundation brochure, or for further information regarding the Old Scotch Football Club Foundation, please contact:

Foundation Coordinator: Angus McQueen

Telephone: 0419 999 649

Email: amcqueen@mcqueengroup.com